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Have you ever asked...
“Why isn't there one easy-to-use application that can manage my business?”
We have. So we're building it.
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Dynamic overview of your business


Track all of your interactions


Integrated, instant communication


Track invoices and payments


Accounting and banking, simplified


Manage task lists for you and others

And Much More...

Truly Customizable

ForgeWorks organizes your business into modules; you decide what you want to see and how you want to see it. You'll never be overwhelmed with information that you don't deem important.

One Business. One Application.

Task Management, Client Relationships, Accounting, Scheduling... Why use separate services to handle each of these? ForgeWorks organizes and links the different areas of your business, creating functionality that hasn't been seen before.

Intuitive Design

We're providing an experience in which navigating, viewing, and editing anything is never more than a click away. ForgeWorks has been built from the ground up using common sense principles - everything works the way you think it should.

Peace Of Mind

Your data is encrypted at all times: on your end, during transit and while stored in the cloud. In addition to security, any changes you have made to a record can be undone at any time.

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